Update/Results 2019


Nat Dog Show 10 of Nov-

BIS pup


BIS Breeder

Nat Dog Show day 2 in Leto 10 of Nov

SR Flower's Yasmin BOB BIG & BIS 2

SR Flower's Archer BOB Junior & BOS

SR Flower's Angie BOS Junior & 4Best Bitch

SR X-is Vicky 2 Best Bitch with CQ

SR Opal's Tzhaka BOB Vet & 3- Best Bitch

SR Opal's Fica 2 Best in Champ

SR Wiola's Chrystal BOB, BIG & BIS  pup

BIS Breeder

Judges: Sighthounds specialists Gabriel Valdez, Arne Foss &

Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari and Judge: Lokodi Csaba-Zsolt.

Nat. Dog Show in Leto 9 of Novenber

BIS2-BIS1 Junior- BOB&BOS Adult- BOB&BOS- Junior BIS-2 Breeder. BOB Vet. BOB & BIG-2 pup. 2Best Male and 1-2and 3 Best Bitch

SR Flower's Yasmin BOB, BIG & BIS-2

SR Flower's Austin BISJunior, CAC Jun & BOS with CAC

SR X-is Vicky 2 Best Bitch with CQ

SR Flower's Angie 3 Best Bitch with CQ

SR Opal's Tzhaka BOB Vet.

SR Wiola's Chrystal BOB & BIG-2

SR Tzhaka's Fica 2Best in Champ class with CQ

SR Flower's Yann 2Best Male with CQ

SR Flower's Archer 2Best Junior with CQ

SR Fica's Bacer Exl


Judges: Sighthouns specialists Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari - Gabriel Valdez and Judge: Ann-Kristin Bratsberg, Rygge

Vija Klucniece, Latvia

Nat. Show Kongsberg Hundeklubb 19 of Oct-2019


BIS Breeder

Tzhaka BOB veteran

Chrystal BOB & BIG Cooper BOS pup

Vicky 2 Best Bitch with CQ

Yasmin 2 Best in Champ class with CQ

Angie 2 Best Junior with CQ

Arish 4 Best Male with CQ

Yannick 4 Best male in his class

Wito Exl

Judge: Zorica Blomquist, Leif Hermann Wilberg & Anne Livø Buvik


IDS, NKK Lillehammer 18 of August

Suna Regens Flower's Archie Became Best Junior &  Best Male-3 With CAC

Suna Regens Flower's Afrodite Best Junior With CQ

Suna Regens Flower's Angie 4-Best Junior

Suna Regens X-is Vicky Best i unghunds class With CQ

Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin B Became 2-Best Champion & 4 Best Bitch With CQ

Judge: Annette Edlander

Whippet Special in Lillehammer 17 of August

Well We did well

Suna Regens Flower's Archie became BIS Junior & 3 Best male

Suna Regens Flower's Angie Became BIS/BIM-Junior & 3-Best Bitch

Suna Regens Wiola's Chrystal BOB & BEST IN SHOW pup

Suna Regens Wiola's Cooper 2-Best pup

Judge: Ale\s Novak

Dalmatiner Klubben Letohallen 11 of August


Wow, we did it again! We are over the moon and back !

BIS Breeder

BIS2-Couple with Arish& Angie

BIS3-Junior with Angie

BIG-1pup with Cooper

BOB vet, withTzhaka

BOS adult from junior class, Angie with Cert and BOB junior

Vicky best in open & 3 BB

Arish Best Junior male and BD-2

Vipps best in open and BD-3

Backer 2 best junior Male with Cert

Chrystal 2 Best pup !

BOB & BOS-Junior

judge: Jelena Kruus, Est & Jetta Tschokkinen, Finland & Jean-Jaques Dupas France

Dalmatiner Klubben, Letohallen 10 of August


Suna Regens Flower's Arish BOB J and 2-best dog & BIS-2 J

Suna Regens Flower's Angie BOS J and 3 best bitch

Suna Regens Wiola's Chrystal BOB pup & BIG-2

Arish & Angie became BIS Couple

So happy for my youngsters

Suna Regens X-is Vicky 4best bitch with CQ

Suna Regens Opal's Tzhaka BOB Vet

judge: Frank Christiansen, Jetta Tschokkinen, Finland

 & Jelena Kruus


Moss Dog Show 27 & 28 of July

Another happy weekend is over that ended in a wonderful way.

Suna Regens Flower's Arish did the best of all from the Suna Regens team

He went all the way up with Best male and BOS with CAC. And BOB-Junior !

With a lovely Critic !

The day before he became Best Junior Male With CQ & BOS Junior & Cert !

Angie 2-Best Junior, 3 Best bitch & 4-Best bitch

Vicky CQ & 2-Best Bitch

judge: Lokodi, Csaba Zsolt and Janairo, Francisco Salvador G

Vålerbanen, nat. show 21 of July

BEST IN SHOW again !!!

For the second time this weekend.

We are totally without words. And otherwise we made it absolutely great!


Suna Regens Wiola's Cooper BOB-BIG & BIS again, pup

Suna Regens X-is Vicky BOB & BIG-3

Suna Regens Flower's Archer CC, BOS

Suna Regens Flower's Best Junior, CC & Best Bitch-3

Suna Regens Wiola's Chrystal 2- Best pup

We are really over the moon for this super weekend's results

Judges: Jasna Matejcic & Eli Marie Klepp


Vålerbanen 20 of July
So proud of these babies!

Suna Regens Wiola's Chrystal
Suna Regens Wiola's Cooper BOG ❤
Suna Regens Flower's Archer Best Junior & Cert ❤
I didn't show my own girls today....
Judge: Rajic, Branislav,

At Vålerbanen 19 of Juliy puppyshow

Judge: Sighthound specialist Arne Foss

Cooper: Suna Regens Wiola's Cooper did very well

He became BOB, BIG & BEST IN SHOW, pup among 140 pups !

Dkk Hundeudstilling Vejen from 21-23 of June
Suna Regens Flower’s Austin
The other two days EX nr1 &
CRUFT' Qualified 2020.
Suna Regens Flower’s Yann
2 best Champion male EX, CK.
& the other day 3BHK,EX,CK.R-CAC. & 1 best Champion male EX, CK.
Judges: Thomas M. Hehir - Lesley Hiltz & Lisbet Utke Ramsing
Nordic Dog Show at Restad Gård/Vänersborg 8 of June 2019
Suna Regens Flower’s Austin his debut in Junior Class he became
BOB.CK and 4-Best male with R-CAC.
Suna Regens Flower’s Yann
2-Best Champion With CQ and 3-Best male
Judge: Annica Uppström
Norsk Greyhoundclub
Judge: Iren Naarits
Rudolf: Suna Regens Flower's Arish
( made his debut in Junior class )
Best In Juniorclass With
CQ & 3 Best Male With Res. CC
NKK, Melsomvik
Judge: Saija Juutilanen & Bo Bengtsson
Suna Regens Flower's Afrodite
BOS pup
Whippet Special in Vestby 01.06.2019
Suna Regens Flower's
Afrodite BOB pup
At our Norwegians Whippet special there 151 where entered.
Suna Regens Flower's Angie
3Best pup
Suna Regens X-is Vicky
2 Best Junior With CQ
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
3-Best Bitch With CQ
Judges: Arne Foss & Per Iversen

Some prices from 2018 were also handed out on our special !


Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
Flower : Suna Regens Rox Sunflower
JASON, Suna Regens Flower’s Archer
( INT Ch Linrows Hall of Fame to Play Mec x Ch Suna Regens Rox Sunflower )
best male puppy 6-9 months yesterday at The Norwegian Whippet Club Specialty in Vestby
Suna Regens Flower's Arish
2-Best pup
Suna regens Flower's Austin
5-Best pup
under breed spesialist Per Iversen , Norway
Hässleholm 18-19 of May-2019
Judge: Svante Frisk, Sweden
SR Flower’s Angie
SR Flower’s Yann Best Champion &
2 BM
SR Flower’s Yasmin Best Champion &
SR X-is Vicky
Best Junior with CQ

Suna Regens Flower’s Yann
Best Champion male, CK, 2-BM-NORDIC R-CAC.
Suna Regens Flower’s Austin 2 Best male puppy.
I didn’t wait for the group.
Int dog show Roskilde 12of May.
I'm very proud and very happy. Yasmin and the babies did it again !

SR Flower's Yasmin
BOB, Cacib & BIG-2 and Crufts qualified-2020, again !
SR X-is Vicky became
3BB with CQ and res junior Cert ❤

SR Flower's Austin
SR Flower's Angie
SR Flower's Afrodite
2best pup
Judge: Leila Kärkes Finland
Int. Roskilde 11 of May
SR Flower's Afrodite BOB & BIS-2
SR Flower's Austin BOS pup
SR Flower's Angie
2- Best pup
SR Flower's Yasmin 3-best bitch with
SR X-is Vicky Best Junior-2 with
Judge:Gitte Finnich Pedersen, Danmark

Nordic show Roskilde 10 of May.
A wonderful day as a breeder !
SR Flower,s Yasmin became
BOB, Nordic-CC & BIG
And also gained her Nordic Show Champion!
SR X-is Vicky became best Junior
with junior CAC
SR Flower,s Austin became
BOB pup
SR Flower,s Angie became
BOS pup
SR Flower,s Afrodite became
2-best pup ❤
Judge:Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist, Sverige
Nordic Show in Ålesund 05.05.2019
Suna Regens Flower's Afrodite
Suna Regens Flower's Artemis
2-Best pup
Suna Regens Fica's Bacer
Judge: Anne Mette Mikkelsen & Wera Hûbenthal
Int. Dog Show Ålesund 04.05.2019
Suna Regens Flower's Afrodite
judge: Lotta Brun, Bertil Lundgren and Harry Taste
Suna Regens Flower's Artemis
HP and 2-Best pup
Suna Regens Fica's Bacer
HP and 3-Best pup
judge: Lotta Brun
First outdoor competition for this year. Austin 8 month today.
Suna Regens Flower’s Austin
BOB and 2 in group with HP.

Judge: Benny Blidh von Schedvin
Again we did very well at the show today 28 of April
SR Flower,s Yasmin
SR X-is Vicky
BOB junior & 3-best bitch
SR Flower,s Angie
BOB-BOG & BIS-4 pup
SR Flower,s Arish
SR Flower,s Archer 2 best pup
Congratulations to all involved
Judge: Michael Leonard, Irland Nina Karldotter, Sweden & Carmen Navarro, Spain
We did very well at the show today 27 of April
SR Flower,s Yasmin
SR X-is Vicky
BOB junior & BIS-4
SR Flower,s Angie
SR Flower,s Arish
SR Flower,s Archer
2 best pup
Judge: Tom Johnston, Skottland Lisbeth Mack, Sveits
Congratulations to all involved !
Letohallen 21 of April
Suna Regens Flower's Arish-Rudolf
Suna Regens X-is Vicky
Bir Junior
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Suna Regens Flower's Angie
2-Best pup

NMHK Letohallen
Again we did very well ! 03.03.2019

BEST IN SHOW Breeder !

Tzhaka: SR Opal Tzhaka BOB Vet & 4-BB,
BIS-2 Vet
Vicky: SR X-is Vicky
BOB Junior & BIG Junior
Angie: SR Flowet’s Angie
BOB & BIG pup
Best Champion & 2-BB with CQ
Vipps: SR X-is Vipps
Arish: SR Flower’s Arish 2 BM with
HP pup
Artemis: SR Flower's Artemis
Bacer: SR Fica’s Bacer
Judge: Zafra Sirik, Torbjørn Skaar, Sonny Strøm and Tino Pehar
Thank you so much for your help in the breeder group, girls
NMHKlubb Letohallen 02.03.2019

We did very well at the show today !
Tzhaka: Suna Regens Opal Tzhaka.
BOB Veteran, 3-Best Bitch & BIS-3 Vet
Vicky: Suna Regens X-is Vicky. 2-Best Bitch with
CC, BOB Junior & BIG
Vipps: Suna Regens X-is Vipps. 2-Best Male with CQ &
BOS Junior
Yasmin: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin. Became
Best Champion & 4-Best Bitch with CQ
Bacer: Suna Regens Fica’s Bacer. Best male pup &
Angie: Suna Regens Flower’s 2-Best Puppy Bitch with
Arish: Suna Regens Flower’s Arish. 2-Best Male pup with

We topped it all by becoming
BIS-2 in Breeder Group !

Judge: Poqas Joäo Vasko, Tino Pehar & Marttin Johansson
Suna Regens Team did well again, Leto 20 of January

SR Flower’s
Yasmin: CQ & BOS
SR X-is
Vicky CQ- CC & 2 Best Bitch
SR X-is
Vipps CQ-CC & 3 Best Male

SR Flower’s
Angie BOB, BOG & BIS-3 pup
SR Flower’s
Arish (Rudolf) BOS (pup)
SR Flower’s
Afrodite 3 Best pup
SR Flower’s
Artemis 5 Best pup
SR Fica’s
Bacer 2Best male pup
judge: Günther Ehrenreich & Elisabeth Aune
Letohallen 19 of January

Yasmin: SR Flower's Yasmin did very well, again BOB & BOG !
SR Flower's Angie on her first show ever, also did very well
BOB & BOG (pup)
SR X-is Vicky Best Juniorwith CQ
SR Flower's Arish (Rudolf) did also very well, BOS (pup)
SR Flower's Afrodite
2 Best Bitch (pup)
SR Flower's Artemiss
4 Best Bitch (Pup)
SR Fica's Bacer
2 Best Male (pup)
Judge: Petter Fodtstad & Arild Thorvaldsen
My Dog Sweden 3-5 of January-2019
My little girl, Vicky did well to be
2nd best Junior first day with CK & 2 day as No.3 Best Junior  Judges: Åke Cronander, Sweden & Per Iversen, Norway
Yasmin came
3-BB both days with CK & Res CC
Judges: Leif Herman Wilberg & Per Iversen Norway