Blossoms L - litter       Earlier litters
Blossom got her puppies 11th of May 2004 with Pilou, 2 boys+4 girls,
Sorry, no puppies available from this litter.
This is repeat mating of Keyzer, Keylinn and  Keyo, etc.

Blossoms Like I Care (Care)

Blossoms Leaps To The Eye

Blossoms Label of Elegance (Christle)

Blossoms Little Lilly

Blossoms Lightning Speed 5 wks ( ZEN )

Blossoms Like I Care

The girls 4 Weeks old
Blossoms Label of Elegance, Blossoms Little Lilly
Blossoms Leaps to the Eye and Blossoms Ligthning Speed
Suna Regens Blossoms Like I Care
       Like I Care with  Lilly

Se jeg spiser selv :-) 14 days old
Blossom with her liltle son 1 week old
Suna Regens Kennel