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Ronndal Desert Pea


Another great, great legend is no longer among us. Blossom walked over the rainbow at the end of summer. (2010)

Do you see a big beautiful shining star in the sky, I'm sure it's Blossom <3Blossom was a ones in a lifetime dog. Kind to everyone on both two and four legs.

Walked around and talked about how she wanted to have it.

Was a wonderful friend to walk with.


A beautiful sight in the show ring with her long, soft, whips lines and powerful movements.


She gave also wonderful children and grandchildren with a lovely temperament and

charisma, that makes careers in both the homeland and abroad today.Blossom....

I still feel the smell of your hair soft, your touch, your devotion as you showed by putting your head in my lap.

Your beautiful eyes that always looked so lovingly at me ... You will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you my beloved Blossom <3

I will always be grateful to Eva I Ekstam, Blossoms breeder, who confided to me such a beautiful dog, and for her help in all these years.

I'll never forget the first dogshow with Blossom on  Skedsmo, where she became BIS for the respectful specialist judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Since then there should be more such victories that made Blossoms career to a party! Including BIS  for Judge specialist: Espen Engh, Norway (he set her up in several occasions)  BIS for Svein Helgesen, Norway, Frank Christiansen, Norway, Tuija Elomaa, Finland ... ..

.Thanks to all of you judges that really liked her so much !

Rest in Peace Blossom and thanks for all the years I’ve got with you. You were the best of the best <3


And once again you can be with your children who unfortunately passed away all too early.Always in my heart



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Keyzer/Mikke: Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer
Dob: 26.12.2002 - August 2009
u:NorwW-01, NordicW-02, NorwW-08 Int.Nord.N.S.Fin.Dk.Ch. Blossom: Ronndal Oozing Style& Int.Nord.DK.NL.GI.Ch.
Piloue: Play Mec Du Manoir De La Grenouille

It is with great sorrow in my heart to tell you that a legend within the Whippet world has passed away.


Our beloved Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer/Mikke went so far too early, only 6 years old. His list of achievements is long and he was Champion in many countries and won titles both at home and abroad. His first title he won was in Sweden in 2003 there he became Nordic Junior Winner there.Norw.Winner-2004 + Whippet of the Year 2004,

Nordic Winner in Finland-2005, Nordic Winner in Norway-2006 and Best stud dog in 2008 to mention some.

He won several great victories with his offsprings, and also with his progenygroup with many BIS. 


I can think of many victories, but one of 'my' greatest victories for Keyzer, was The World Dog Show in Sweden 2008, when two of his offspring, a daughter: Ch.Sandline First Lady and a son: Ch. Farytail The Frarance O `Gold won BOB and BOS and got their WW-08 titles.
And his grandson, Burnt Sienna Cutting Edge

won the juniortitle JWW -08 


Beyond that I would particularly like to thank Kirsten Landsverk who went around and made him  Champion in many countries, and that both, she and her daughter Cecilie took so good care of him.


I will also thank everyone who used Keyzer for their breeding, both at home and abroad, and wish them continued success with his blood in their pedigrees.


Keyzer will forever live in my heart and be deeply missed.