Suna Regens Kennel
Result 2013
N.Ch. and LV J.Ch Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Kongsberghallen 9-10th of November
Tzhaka won Cq, BOB & BOG
Josè Homem de Mello, Portugal
Flower won CQ, Res Cert & BB-2
Judge: Maria Gabriela Veiga
At National dogshow Letohallen, Norway 12/13th of Oct
Tzhaka CC & BOS
judge: Molin
At Norwegian Kennel Klub in Orre Stavanger 15th of September
my Whippets gone all the way to the top !
Tzhaka CAC, BOB and 3-Best In Group !
judge-: Saija Juutilainen, Finland
at The Whippet Special- 25th of August 2013
SR. Opals Tzhaka Best In Show
judge:  Bart Scheerens, Belgia - Kennel Boxing Helena
NKK Ålesund 5 th of May
judge: Svein Bjarne Helgesen, Norway
Tzhaka won Best in Champclass and 2-BB with CQ tot
Exporama, Hellerud 10th of Feb
judge: Sylvie Desserne, France
N.Ch. and LV J.Ch Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
gained her Norwegian Chamion tittle to her credit