Suna Regens Kennel
Some results from 2010-2012 for
EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Lat. Ch. Suna Regens Michas Opal
u. Micha: Nordic-W-2006  N. Lat. Ch. Suna Regens Keylinns Michaela
Nord,JW-03 NV-04 NordW-05,06-Int.N.S.Fin.Dk.Gib.Lux.Est.Lat.Ch. German Ch and DWZRV
Keyzer (Mikke): Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer
Dogs4All Lillestrøm 16th of November-2013
Judge: Janet Wood
At Norwegian Kennel Klub in Orre Stavanger 15th of September
my Whippets gone all the way to the top ! Sunflower became BOB, BIG and Best I n Show puppy !
Tzhaka CAC, BOB and 3-Best In Group ! My veteran Micha also became BOB vet
Opal 3-Best Bitch and Tamzin 2 Best in Open class with CQ
Latvias/Riga Sighthound Specialty 8th of June 2012
judge: Lotta Brun, Spain
EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Lat.Ch  Suna Regens Michas Opal
Won  CAC, BOB, BIS-2 and get her Lat. Champ title to her credit
N Mops klubb, Hamresanden 23th of July
judge: Duzan Paunowic and Monika Blaha
EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Lat.Ch  Suna Regens Michas Opal
BOB and 3-BIG
Whippet Open Show, Lillehammer 18th of June
judge: Michael Vikström, Sweden

Best In Show
adult: Suna Regens Blossoms Keylinns doughter: Xploring Going Bananas
EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Suna Regens Michas Opal
Drammen, Norway August 29-2010
Judge: Tripoli Salvatore, Italy,  Groupjudge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway
CQ, BOB and BIG-3 Opal: EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Suna Regens Michas Opal

BOS Veredon Vanilla Ranger Windwalker
Drammen, Norway August 28-2010
Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway
CC, N. Champ title and BOS Opal: EST.JW-09 N.Ch. Suna Regens Michas Opal

BOB, BIG-4 Veredon Vanilla Ranger Windwalker
Moss & Omegn Hundeklubb 24-07-2010
Judge: Branislav Rajic
CQ and 2-Best Bitch
Opal: EST.JW-09  Suna Regens Michas Opal
with handler Henrik Andreassen