Suna Regens Kennel
Some Results of my Breeder Group

Div Breedergroup 's I have became BIS with many times

My Breedergroup on the Whippet Spec in Vestby 3 of June 2018

BIS Breeder & BIS Progeny

Judge: Arnaldo Cortugna


Norwegian Winner NKK, Lillestrøm 2016 Dogs4All
My Breedergroup lost the win for the first time

judge: Per Iversen

My Breedergroup downunder here are from 2015-2006

Råde 9 of August 2015

judge: Marit Sunde, Norway

BIS Breeder

EDS European Dog Show 5 of Sept- 2015 BIS Breeder

judge: Patsy Gimour, UK


Whippet Special, Lier 4 of Sept 2015

judge: Thomas Munch


Dogs4All-2013: Norwegian's largest dog show of the year 16 th of  Nov
This year to, Best In Show breeder for judge: Annuuka Paloheimo, Finland and
HP for judge: Janet Wood, England
Judge: Janet Wood
At Norwegian Kennel Klub in Orre Stavanger 15th of September
judge: Saija Juutilainen, Finland & Maarit Sunde
The Whippet Special- 25th of August 2013
3 X Best In Show for
judge:  Bart Scheerens, Belgia - Kennel Boxing Helena
Best In Show Breeder Group Spec
Best In Show Breeder 19 th of May Spec
Jerry Robertson, Azram Kennel, England  & Margaret Martin, Barnesmore Kennel, Irland
Best In Show Breeder 18 th of May Spec
Margaret Martin, Barnesmore Kennel, Irland & Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
Int.NKK  in Ålesund 5 th of  May
judge Svein Bjarne Helgesen, Norway
HP, Best Breeder & BIS -2
Dogs4All-2012: Norwegian's largest dog show of the year 24 th of  Nov
Best In Show breeder for judge: Hans van den Berg, Holland
HP for judge: Espen Engh, Norway
NKK, Dogs 4All 2011, Norsk Vinner, Lillestrøm 27 th of Nov-2011
judge: Francesco Cocetti, Italy
NJW-2011 and Best of Breeder-Group Whippet
3 Generations
Tromsø hundeklubb, Tromsø Oktober 24 2009
Judge: Zoran Brankovic, Serbia
Maria: SR Keylinns Maria
HP and BIS-2 Breeder Group
NKK, Bjerke, Norway, August 15 2009
judge: Salvatore Tripoli. Italy
6 x BIS and 5x second BIS in row ,  and several HP :-) That in 3 different countries
for judges: Bojan Matakovic, Croatia,  Philip John, India, Chie Ejima, Japan, Seamus Oates, Irland, Rita Skadini-Kadike, Latvia and Salvatore Tripoli. Italy
Thanks a lot to all the judges
Norw.Tibetansk Terrier klubb, Nesbyen August 02
judge: Rodney McDowell, Irland
Micha: SR Keylinns Michaela, CQ and BOS
BoBo: SR Keylinns Mirelle, CERT and 2-Best Bitch
Opal: SR Michas Opal, CQ and 4-Best Bitch
BOB, Breeder Group

Thanks to our good friends as helped me in the group
with BoBo, Belle with Micha, me with Opal and Anne-Mette with Octawa
Vestvåg hundeklubb, Lofoten August 02
judge: Gunnar Nymann, Danmark
Oberon: SR Michas Oberon, CERT and BOB and 3-BIG
SR Marias Queen, CERT and  BOS
Maria :
SR Keylinns Maria, CQ and 2-Best Bitch
SR Marias Quatro, Blue ribbon
BOB, Breeder Group
Vestvågøy hundeklubb, Leknes August 01
judge: Rita Kadike Skadina, Latvia

Maria: SR Keylinns Maria, CQ, BOB, BIG, and 2-BIS
: SR Michas Oberon, CERT and BOS
: SR Marias Queen, CQ
: SR Marias Quatro, HP
1-BIS_Breeder Group!
Norw.Sighthound klubb, Nesbyen August 01
judge: Jacki Jackson. S Afrika
BOB, Breeder Group
BoBo: SR Keylinns Mirelle, CQ, Cert, BOB and 4-BIG
Micha: SR Keylinns Michaela, CQ and 2-Best Bitch
Opal: SR Michas Opal with HP
SR Michas  Octawa with HP
Salten Trekk & Brukshundklubb, Bodø  June 21
Judge: Pero Bozinovski, Macedonia
2-BIS Breeder
Judge: Seamus Oates, Irland
SR Keylinns Maria CQ and 2-Best Bitch
SR Marias Queen CQ, Cert and 3-Best Bitch
SR Michas Oberon CQ and 2-Best Dog
International dog show in Latvija (Riga, Latvia) June-14
Judge: Gerard Jipping,  Netherland
I  forgot my camera, so....

Judge: Chie Ejima, Japan
International dog show in Latvija (Riga, Latvia) June 13
Judge: Brigita Vitolina, Latvija
Judge: Philip John, India
International dog show Estonian Winner-09 (Tallinn, Estonia).June 6
Judge: Espen Engh, Norway
Best of all, I won:
Judge: Bojan Matakovic, Croatia
Results 2006
One fantastic day on NKK, Hamar 17.11.06

BOB x BOS, CC, Cacib and two NORDIC. Winner Titles-2006

BIS Breeder
: Suna Regens Kennel
That settled the matter...Norway's Whippet Breeder of the year-2006

BIS-2 Stud dog: Multi. Ch. Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer

BOB Veteran: Multi. Ch. Ronndal Oozing Style (Blossom)
NKK, Kongsvinger 07.10.2006 - What a day!
Suna Regens Kennel dit it again!!

Hp, and 2-BIS Breeder :-)
BIS with Keyzer's progeny

BIS Veteran with Blossom
In Scandinavia, the breeder's group always consist of 4 individuals, bred by the same breeder/kennel
BIG GREAT WEEKEND  IN TR:HEIM  01.07. and  02.07.06 !!!
Thank you to everyone of you for all your help, to get this possible
and speciel thanks to Hanne Balken,  BoBo was kindly and well handled to her's CQ and 3-Best Bitch
From day two 02.07.06
It was honourable to shows up my breeder group for Eva Ekstam (Ronndals Kennel) to day,
and  also win BIS breeder for her too.
NKK  Tr.heim 02.07.06
My Breeder group
HP and BIS Breeder !!
From left

Multi Ch. S R Blossoms Keyzer
S R Keylinns Mirelle (BoBo)
S R Blossoms Keylinns
S R Keylinns Michaela
Judge specialist: Eva I Ekstam,
New Zealand

Photographer: Berit Maisey
From day one 01.07.06
WOW what a day.....!!

NKK, Tr.heim 01.07.06

Finally we won:

Hp and BIS BREEDER !!!
Photographer: Berit Meisey
It was very nice to take Blossom in to BIS Veteran this day, when Blossoms breeder was sitting ringside.
Eva Ekstam (Kennel Ronndal) was jugding other breeds at NKK that day.
NKK, Tr.heim 01.07.06
Ronndal Oozing Style (Blossom)
Judge: Frank Christiansen, Norway
Photographer: Berit Maisey
NKK, Tr.heim 01.07.06
My Breeder group
HP and Best Breeder !!
From left

Multi Ch. S R Blossoms Keyzer
S R Keylinns Mirelle (BoBo)
S R Keylinns Michaela (Micha)
S R Keylinns Minerva (Millie)
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Photographer: Berit Maisey