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Suna Regens Opals Tracy
EST.JW-09 N. Lat.Ch. Suna Regens Michas Opal (Opal ) x CIB. Nord.  Adagio Love Supreme ( Robbie )
International Dog Show, Léon, Spain 29 of  September
judge: Bo Skalin, Fin
Suna Regens Opals Tracy 1Exc - CAC - CACIB- BOB - Best In Group-2
Int, Dog Show Pontoise 9 of September
judge Chrisopher Coppel
Suna Regens Opals Tracy 1Exc - CACS - CACIB- BOB - BIG-2
Suna Regens Opals Tracy        and       Collooney Frankly Kane
CACS BOB                                                       CACS BOS
Suna Regens Opals Tracy          and       Taraly Endless Love
CACS, BB-1                                                            BB-2

National dogshow Chateau Gontier 20
th of August 2012
Laetitia Daniel wrote:
One year ago, my little Tracy choupi, then 7 months-old made her very first show in puppy class at the National dogshow Chateau Gontier ....
she ended
1VP - BOB Puppy and RBIS Puppy
Today, we are back to the National Dog show at Chateau-Gontier, one year after ....
Judge: Mme Belletout (France)
Suna Regens Opals Tracy - Intermediate Class
1st EXC - CACS - Best of Breed, Best of Group 3rd Really happy and proud of her !
Lety, you are proud of her and I am proud of you both. Thanks, Lety ♥

National Show Cahors, France 
Special Whippet (46) 8th of August 2012

Suna Regens Opals Tracy won Open class - 1Exc - CACS - BOB - BIG
Suna Regens Opals Tracy at The French  Whippet Specialety Show 5 th of May-2012 !
203 entered
At just 15 month, Tracy won the Intermediate Class
judge: Lynn Yacobi-Wright (UK)
International Dog Show Limoges, France 7 th of April-2012
judge: M. Coppel, France
Suna Regens Opals Tracy - junior class
1Exc - BOBj - BIGj - BISj-3 of the day !
Int. Dog Show Montlucon (France) - 18 th of Feb-2012
Suna Regens Opals Tracy
Huge Congratulations to Laetitia Daniel. Well done !