Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer
Keyzer has won this years best male, and even better-
Whippet of the year 2004
His sister
Suna Regens Blossoms Keylinn

   best -Whippet bitch of the year 2004
Our Borzoi
Rosco,s Eeleonov Velikij Tsar ( LEO )
been best Borzoi of the year 2004!!

Keyzer did it again!!
Norwegian- Winner Hamar-2004
Keyzer won: Hp, Cert, BOS and the title: Norwegian Winner - 2004
Keylinn won: Hp, Res.CC, res.Cacib and 3 Best Bitch
Judge: Bitte Arens, Sweden
A Great, great weekand in Belgia !!
INT. Euro Dog show 14.11.04
Keyzer won: Hp, Cert, Cacib and BOS !!
and his father 2-Best in Champ- class
judge: olaf Knaber, Germany
Kongsberg 13th of November
Keylinn: Hp, Cert, BOB and 2- Best in Group
Christle: BOS puppy
Judge: Wera Hubenthal, Norway
2 days dogshow and puppyshow
Letohallen,Eidsvoll, Norway 30.10.04 and 31.10.04
Second day:
Keyzer: Hp, Cert, BOB and 4-Best in Group
Keylinn: Hp, CC and 3 Best bitch
Judge: Ove Germundsson, Sweden
Puppy results:
Care: BOB and 3 Best puppy in Show
Christle: 2-Best puppy bitch
Judge: Inger Dahle, Norway
Keyzer: Hp, Cert and BOS
Keylinn: Hp, CC and 2 Best bitch
Judge: David Allan, Spain

  Puppy results:
Care: BOS
Christle 2-best Puppy bitch
Judge: Thord Byström, Sweden
Dogshow Valhall, Oslo 26th of September
Won Keyzer Hp, Cert, BOB and 3-Best in Group
Jamaica Hp, Cq and 3 Best bitch
Josephine Hp , Cq and 4 Best bitch
Keylinn Hp ......
she smash one of her feet  in one terrible plates on
the floor, and she was forced to leave the competition :((

Judge: Thorbjörn Skaar, Sweden
and the puppies:
Care 2 Best puppy male
Christle won BOS
Indee 2 Best puppy bitch
Lilly 3 Best puppy bitch

Judge: Aase Jacobsen, Norway
Dogshow in Valhall, Oslo 25th of September

Won Keyzer Hp,Cert and BOS

and the puppies.....
Label of Elegance (Christle) von BOB and 3 Best puppy in Group
and her brother
Like I Care ( Care) von BOS on theirs very first outgoing!!
Little Lilly (Lilly) 2 Best Puppy bitch
Leaps to the Eyes (Indee) 3 Best Puppy bitch
Judge: Birgitha Runmarker, Sweden
International NKK Dogshow in Stavanger, Norway
KEYKO won HP, CERT, CACIB, BOB, and finally 4-Best in Group.!!
Judge: Kenneth Edh, Sweden and Marit Sunde, Norway
Norwegian pinscherklubb 22th of August
Josephine: HP, CQ and 3 Best Bitch
Kiss of Love: Hp
Judge: Javier Sanches Fernandez, Spain

International Kennel Club, Oslo 14th of August.
Keyzer: HP, Cert, 2Best Dog with res. Cacib
Keylinn: HP, CQ, 2Best bitch with res.Cacib
Judge: Lotta Brun, Norway

Norwegian Irish Wolfhound Club 1 of August
Keyko: HP, Cert, BOB and 3 Best in Group
Keyo: HP, CQ and 3 Best Dog
Keylinn HP, Cert and BOS
Josephine: HP, CQ and 3 Best Bitch
Kiss of Love: HP and no.5 in her class
With this group we became BIS breeders!!
and the judge wrote:
Very impressed with the quality and good construction with superb fronts!
Judge: Anthony Killykeen Doyle, Irland
Norwegian Terrier Club 31 of July
Keyko: HP, Cert, and BOS
Keyo: HP, CQ and 4 Best Dog
Keylinn: HP, CQ and 2 Best Bitch
Josephine: HP, CQ and 3 Best Bitch
Kiss of Love : HP, CQ and 5 Best Bitch
Judge: Rita Trainin, Israel
On the biggest Swedish Sighthound Specialty dogshow
in Tamsvik 25 of July
Been Keyko  no.5 in his class with HP.
It was about 28o Whippets.....
Judge: June Minns. GB
On the same weekend in Ransäter, Sweden 25 of July
won Josephine CQ and 5 Best Bitch
Kiss of Love no.5 with HP in her class
Judge: Joane Sewell, Austria
Another great weekend!!
On Sighthound Club 27 of June
won Keylinn, Hp, Cert and 3-Best Bitch.
Her brother Keyzer won Hp, res.CC and 3-VK

Judge: Kaj Christensen, Danmark

On International Kennel Club in Trondheim, Norway 26 of June
won Keyzer, Hp, Cert, Cacib, BOB and 3-Best of Group!!.
His sister Keylinn won res.CC and 3-Best Bitch

Judge: Martin Croeser, South, Africa
Group-judge: Wera Hübenthal, Norway

This weekend have been a realy good one
Puppies father, Pilou was on 3-days Int. Dog Show in Gibralter this weekend
11,12 and 13of June and he did it very well

Day 1: CC, BOB and 3-Best in Group   Judge: A.Martinez, Argentina
Day 2: CC and BOS                                     Judge: Elis Hulme, England
Day 3: CC and BOS                      Judge: Karl Erik Johansson, Sweden
Norwegian Internasjonal Kennel Club 13of June in Drammen

Keyzer's handler Cecilie won the Juniorhandling with him today!!
Judge: Jesper Andersson, Sweden.

Keyko: HP, CK and 3-Best Dog
Keyzer: HP, CK and 5-Best Dog
Keylinn: HP, CK and 4-Best Bitch
Josephine: HP, CK and 6-Best Bitch

Judge: Jack Peden, South Africa

Nes dog club 6th of June

Keyko: HP, CK and 3-Best Dog
Keyzer: HP, CK and 4- Best Dog
Keylinn: HP, CK and 3-Best Bitch

Judge: Nikki Riggsbee
N.W Corgi club 5th of June
Keyko: HP, CK and 3-Best Dog
Keyzer: HP, CK, 4- Best Dog
Keylinn: HP, CK and 3-Best Bitch

Judge: Les Morison, USA

Today on our Sighthound Specialty, Sunnvollen 30th of May
Won Keyzer,n HP, CERT and 2-Best Dog
His brother Keyko won HP, CK and 3 Best Dog
Their sister Keylinn won HP and 2 Best Bitch in youth class.

Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland

And our Borzoi Leo Won again BOB
Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen,Finland

On our biggest Nowegian Greyhound Club Specialty, Sunnvollen
29th of May
Our Borzoi
Rosco,s Eeleonov Velikij Tsar ( LEO )
Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen,Finnland
This wasn't enough.........
Keyzer'n won: HP, CERT, BOB and 4-Best In Show
(all from youth class)!!
And his sister Keylinn won HP, CK and 2 Best Bitch 
( from the youth class )
Their brother Keyko 2 best dog in youth class
Judge: Darko Petreski, Kroatia
Dogshow in Haugesund  23th of May
Keyko won: HP, Cert and 2 Best Dog
Keyo won HP, CK and 4 Best Dog
Judge: Marion Spavin, England
On Rogaland Sighthound Club 15th of May
Did Keyko it very well!!
Judge: Dan Grônlund, Sweden
      Puppies father in Belgia on Sighthound special
9th of May
He won CERT and BOB again!!

Judge: Delabelle-Amand.M.C
           Blossoms Keyzer (Miche) 8th of May on Int.Dogshow in Kristiansand, Norway
HE WON HIS 8-CC's, CACIB and finally BOB!!
  His brother Blossoms Keyko 3-Best Dog with CK and R-Cacib.
Judge: Anette Edlander, Sweden
     Keyzer's handler Cecilie Landsverk won also
4-Best in
Juniorhandling with him.
Their father was in Germany 8th of May
He won VDH-2xCC and BOB!!

Judge: Horst Kliebenstain

Keyko won his 4'd-Cert and 2-Best Dog today in StangeNorway 25/04
Kiss of Love: HP, CK. BB-3
Judge: Steve Seymour, England

Stange, Norway 24/04
Kiss of Love: HP, CK. Best bitch-3
Josephine: HP,CK. Best bitch-4
Keyko: HP, CK. Best dog-4

Judge: C.V Sudarsan, India
Keyko won his 3 'd-Cert today in Stavanger, Norway 03/04/2004
and 2-Best Dog
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein, Germany
Keyzer won his 7-cert today in Skedsmohallen. 14.03.2004
and 2 Best Dog
Keylinn won HP, res CC and  3-Best Bitch.
Keyko No. 2 in his class w/HP
Kiss of Love : HP, CK. BB-4
Josephine :HP, CK. BB-5
Judge: Norman Huidobro Corbett Spain
Judge: Paul Stanton, Sweden
This wasn't enough his handler CECILIE LANDSVERK also won the Juniorhandling with him. Congratulation to both of you !!

Ekeberg 14.02.2004
   Suna Regens Blossoms  Keyzer
  ( Miche )
  Won: HP- CERT   and ended up to be

Handled to perfection by Cecilie   Landsverk

  Judge: Fred Dewsbury, Canada
Suna Regens Blossoms Keylinn
won HP- CK and 4 Best bitch
                  And Suna Regens Blossoms Keyko won HP, CERT and BOS !!  in Ølen 15.02.04
Judge: Lotta Jørgensen, Danmark
At Sandefjord, Norway 18.01.2004
Did Suna Regens Blossoms Keyko it well on his 2'd out as junior.
He won HP, CERT and ended up to be  2'd  best dog.
Judge: Tina Permo, Sweden
Suna Regens Kennel