Suna Regens Kennel
NKK Kr.Sand 30 of April
Yasmin's puppy Fabiola was a little tired today,  she could have a little bit more drive, but did well anyway. 4'th Best yongster.
I'm proud of my little girl as always
Suna Regens Yasmins Phoenix  2- Best in open with Ck.
Suna Regens Yasmins Harley 3- Best in Championclass.
So proud of them all !
Judge:Vilanova, Yves-Emanuel
Today was exciting. No one knew the outcome of the exhibition. Because of the judge's judgement, where a lot of dogs got very good, my little Fabiola SR Yasmins Fabiola Flower did very well. She won the youngster class with CK, and we're really excited about it.❤️
Judge:Asnaghi, Ferdinando