Suna Regens Kennel

Internat Dog Show in Valencia Spain 17 of December
I just entered Suna Regens Yasmins Sissi and hope for another
Cacib. She became BEST OF BREED with CAC & CACIB.
And top it by winning
So proud and happy !
Judgespec: Benjamin Sanchez Garcia
I just enter to Internasjonale  in Alicante 03-12-23
My lovely girls did really well today.
Suna Regens Yasmin Sissi
Suna Regens Sissi's Grace
BOB pup ❤️
I'm so happy and proud of them both !
Judge specialist:  Åke Cronander
My lovely girl did very well.
LATIN WINNER- 2023 19 Nov
Suna Regens Yasmin Sissi
Suna Regens Sissi`s Grace 2 best pup ❤️
Judge: Irene Gomez
To meet lovely friends at shows really make my day ! Hope to see you soon
SANTAREM PORTUGAL 27-29 of October
Because I was on hollidays I entered to two International/ Winner shows and one Sighthound Special in Santarem, Portugal
l entered two Whippets. But I couldn’t show my Champion Suna Regens Yasmins Sissi, because of an injury
Today 27 of October at the Expositcäo canina Monografica Clube de Galgos (Sighthound Specialty) Judge: Christophe Coppel
My little girl
Suna Regens Sissi’s Grace became 2- Best Puppy.
28 of October on Portugal Winner- 23
Judge Juan Naveda ES
Suna Regens Sissi’s Grace became 2-nd pup.
29 of October CPC- Winner-23
Judge: Catarina Castro
Suna Regens Sissi’s Grace  became 2-nd pup again ❤️
My little girl was to strong for the judge’s
🤔, but anyway
It was so good to meet old friends again. Especially Juri Geidons  that has been my very special good friend for more than 20 years. I almost started crying.
and some other lovely friends Luis Graca Southpoint and Mauro Perna

Exhibition in it  self was a terrible experience!  It was so noisy indoors because of barking dogs, that my little girl cud hardly stand it, heardly did I. She felt so uncomfortable. And we had to shout  to each other because of the nois.!
How can the clubs allow it. ?? I'm just asking....

On sighthound spes 10 of Sept.

  I was so surprised and happy. 
My little princess Suna Regens Sissi's Grace made her debut today.
She has never been in a hall before and certainly not with a lot of other dogs.
She first became
Best Bitch Puppy, and then BOB.  And as if that wasn't enough, she cleaned the puppy table and became BEST IN SHOW pup ❤️
Judge: Editha Newton, Nevedith kennel  & Gabriela Veiga
So proud of Suna Regens again !
NBSK 27 of August

Suna Regens Artemis's Rive Rolf (Milo)
did very well.
Best in medium with ex,  ck
, CERT-  BEST  MALE and finally BOS ❤️
So proud of Suna Regens little team again !
On NBSK 26 of August Maura

Suna Regens Flower's Ole Dixon  did it again with his handler Glenn Johansen
there they became
Suna Regens Yasmins Fabiola Flower
Best Bitch 2 with CK ❤️
Judge: Tanya Ahlman Stockmary- Finland
Moss og omegn hundeklubb 23 of.July.23
So proud of Suna Regens team.
Suna Regens Yasmins Phoenix  Bob
Suna Regens Flower's Arish Became Best Champion & ended as nr 3
Suna Regens Opal Winter Wito became Best Veteran male
❤️ And Gulleiv's  Mandala Bos ❤️
Judge:Vàczi-Balogh Zsuzsanna Hungary
NKK Sandefjord 08.07.23

We did very well at the show.
Suna Regens Flower's Ole Dixon and Glenn Johansen as a handler for his first time ever, became Norwegian Champion and 2- Best Male. Among 84 Whippets.
I'm sooo proud of them.
Judge Hohteri Säde
Gran 28 of May Greyhound spesial,

So proud as a breeder again !
Ole - Suna Regens Flower's Ole Dixon did wery well. He became 2- Best in open with Cq & Cert on the end
Rudolf - Suna Regens Flower's Arish with Cq and 4"th on the end
Congratulations to the owner: Kristin Johansen

Europa Dog Show Herning 2023

We are overjoyed with the results this weekend !
Suna Regens Yasmin's Franz Orlando did very well.  2-Best Jun with Cq & r Cert.  Also no. 2 in Jun Class with Ex on Agria Winner Show. Tone, you have done a fabulous job with him.  Many congratulations to you for that
❤️ And thank you very much for you Gaia Favretto  that handled him so well. 🙏
Judge:  Markku Mähönen
We did extremely well at NKK in Bergen 13 of  May.

Suna Regens Yasmins Harley became Best Male in the Campion class, Best Male overall.  Ended up with BOB, Cacib and NKK 125 Years Anniversary CAC . 
As if that wasn't enough, he became 3rd Best in the Group
Suna Regen's Yasmin's Fabiola Flower also did well. She became second in the yongster class with CK.
Suna Regens Flower's  Flowbird Dicthe got Ex.
I'm a very proud breeder who returned home to beautiful puppies, information about them will come later.
Sorry for different pics from earlier shows, but I didn't have my photgraf with me. He was my pups nanny this time
Judgespec: Anne Mette Mikkelsen
Danmark 07-05-23

I'm so proud of Emma and Phoenix ❤️ Suna Regens Yasmins Phoenix
That won Lc Cert in Denmark !!!
NKK Kr.Sand 30 of April

Yasmin's puppy Fabiola was a little tired today,  she could have a little bit more drive, but did well anyway. 4'th Best yongster.
I'm proud of my little girl as always
Suna Regens Yasmins Phoenix  2- Best in open with Ck.
Suna Regens Yasmins Harley 3- Best in Championclass.
So proud of them all !
Judge:Vilanova, Yves-Emanuel
Today was exciting. No one knew the outcome of the exhibition. Because of the judge's judgement, where a lot of dogs got very good, my little Fabiola SR Yasmins Fabiola Flower did very well. She won the youngster class with CK, and we're really excited about it.❤️
Judge:Asnaghi, Ferdinando