Suna Regens Kennel
SBIS - SE V-18 NordW-18-NJV & DKJV-2017 N.CH-S.Ch-DK.Ch Nord.Ch & Nordic Show Champion
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin

Results 2019

Nat. Show Leto 29 of Des 2019



BIS Breeder 2


SR Flower's Yasmin Best Champ & 3 Best Bitch


Congratulations to everyone of you and thank you for all your help. We are really a good team

Judge: Mendes, Erika Hofmann Gatti Mazoni


Nat Dog Show 10 of Nov-Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb

BIS pup


BIS Breeder

Nat Dog Show day 2 in Leto 10 of Nov

SR Flower's Yasmin BOB BIG & BIS 2

BIS Breeder

Judges: Sighthounds specialists Gabriel Valdez, Arne Foss &

Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari and Judge: Lokodi Csaba-Zsolt.


Nat. Dog Show in Leto 9 of Novenber Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb

BIS2-BIS1 Junior- BOB&BOS Adult- BOB&BOS- Junior BIS-2 Breeder. BOB Vet. BOB & BIG-2 pup. 2Best Male and 1-2and 3 Best Bitch

SR Flower's Yasmin BOB, BIG & BIS-2

Judges: Sighthouns specialists Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari - Gabriel Valdez and Judge: Ann-Kristin Bratsberg, Rygge

Vija Klucniece, Latvia


IDS, NKK Lillehammer 18 of August

judge: Annette Edlander, Sweden

Whippet Special in Vestby 01.06.2019
At our Norwegians Whippet special there 151 where entered.
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
3Best Bitch With QC
And honored for Best Whippet of The Year 2018 and for Best Breeding of The Year2018 With Flower !
Judge: Atne Foss, Norge
Hässleholm 18-19 of May-2019
Judge: Svante Frisk, Sweden
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
Best Champion & 3-Best Bitch With CQ
Nordic show Roskilde 10-11-12 of May.
A wonderful day as a breeder !
SR Flower,s Yasmin became
And also gained her Nordic Show Champion!
Judges:Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist, Sverige,
Gitte Finnich Pedersen, Danmark
Leila Kärkes Finland
We did very well at the show today 27.28 of April
SR Flower,s Yasmin
BOB Both days & Big2
Judge: Tom Johnston, Skottland &Michael Leonard, Irland,
NMHK Letohallen 02.03.2019 & 03.03.2019
We did very well at the show today
Yasmin: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin  Best Champion
2 Best Bitch & 4BB With CQ,
both days
Judge: Zafra Sirik, Torbjørn Skaar, Sonny Strøm and Poqas Joäo Vasko
Leto 20 of January

SR Flower’s Yasmin:
judge: Günther Ehrenreich
Letohallen 19 of January

Yasmin: SR Flower's Yasmin did very well, again
Judge: Petter Fodtstad
My Dog Sweden 3-5 of January-2019

Yasmin came
3-BB both days with CK & Res CC
Judges: Leif Herman Wilberg & Per Iversen Norway